Perl From The Outside

I’ve been a Perl developer for almost 6 months now, so I thought it would be good to step back and document what the community looks like to an outsider. Before moving to Perl I worked professionally with C# as my primary language for 3+ years, so I have a bit of a different background […]

From C# To Perl: Performance

Caveats Let’s talk about the performance of C# vs. Perl. First, let me just say that a performance comparison of a staticly-typed, pre-compiled language vs. a dynamically-typed, scripting language is inherently unfair. Yes, .NET does not compile to native code, but the comparison is still unfair. A static, type-safe language avoids the overhead of compilation […]

From C# To Perl: Garbage Collection

I don’t think that it is a stretch to say that every modern language that isn’t built especially for peformance or system programming uses a garbage collector. The programmer productivity gains that you get by lifting the burden of manual memory management can be large. Sure, you lose some control, but most tasks don’t require […]

From C# To Perl: Code Analysis Tools

At my last job we ran a continuous integration server with CruiseControl.NET. As part of each build we did code analysis with FxCop. (We also ran StyleCop, but that was only to run one custom rule to address a problem we were having.) FxCop is a tool that analyzes .NET assemblies for potential design, localization, […]

From C# To Perl: Introduction

After over three years as a C# developer I have made the jump to Perl. Judging from the dearth of information I have found comparing the two (all I could find is this awful auto-generated comparison), I don’t think this is a jump many programmers have made, so I wanted to make some comparisons myself. […]